VICTIM stands for creativity. Each pair of shoes is a ‘unique piece’. Victim means a very trendy product, dedicated to active women who love to play with fashion. The creator of the brand focuses on the project that addresses the challenges of our time. The project that is fascinating and inspiring at the same time.

VCL stands for simplicity of unrestrained form. Boring classics is broken with trendy accents. This way the shoe acquires taste and becomes a desired object. Desired by a modern woman. The woman who loves classic beauty and values her own individualism.


Opracowanie i wdrożenie Strategii działalności międzynarodowej Firmy „CONHPOL-BIS”

Cel projektu: Zwiększona aktywność międzynarodowa firmy „CONHPOL-BIS”
Wartość projektu ogółem: 491 539,98 PLN
Wkład Funduszy Europejskich: 199 813,00 PLN
Numer umowy o dofinansowanie: RPMP.03.03.02-12-633/17